There are several ways to deploy your own workers, it can differ a bit if you subscribe to Cycloid Devops Platform (opens new window):

  • Dedicated setup in the cloud
  • Dedicated setup Onprem
  • SaaS

All methods rely on the source code of the public stack-external-worker (opens new window).

If you subscribed to Cycloid Devops Platform (opens new window) in the SaaS version, choose and follow the links bellow to deploy a worker.

# Prerequisites

Depending of your pipeline jobs, workers generally need access to docker hub to get resource images and access to your code repository.

Exhaustive list of outcoming traffic from the workers:

Service Destination
Scheduler On Saas version or Onprem concourse_tsa_host:concourse_tsa_port
Cycloid public stacks
Docker registry,

# How to deploy

Provider Information
AWS Deploy Cycloid worker on AWS with CloudFormation
Azure Deploy Cycloid worker on Azure with Resource Manager Template
Baremetal Baremetal Cycloid worker
Local Docker Deploy a local Cycloid worker using Docker (DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES ONLY)
Flexible-Engine Flexible Engine : Deploy Cycloid worker on Flexible engine with Resource Template Service (RTS)
GCP Deploy Cycloid worker on GCP with Deployment manager

# Troubleshooting

If your worker is not running correctly, you can follow the Troubleshooting section.