# Deploy Cycloid worker on Flexible engine with Resource Template Service (RTS)


Download our Flexible engine Resource Template flexible-engine.zip (opens new window) S3 bucket.

The template will create compute engine instances of Cycloid workers. The default values are already pre-filled to deploy and connect workers on our public SaaS, then you will be able to modify them according to your needs.

Follow these steps to deploy the Flexible engine Resource template:

  1. Connect on http://console.cycloid.io (opens new window).
  2. Click on your top right profile picture, and select Organization settings

Manage org

  1. Go into the Workers tab and select Flexible Engine.
  2. Connect on Flexible engine console https://console.prod-cloud-ocb.orange-business.com (opens new window).
  3. Go in Resource Template Service section (RTS)
  4. Click on the following button
    Create stack
  5. Select Upload template and upload the previously downloaded flexible-engine.zip file.
    • Click on upload
    • And select the main.yaml file
    • Click next
  6. Click on Submit button to create the stack.

After the Custom template deployment, go to the Workers tab in the Cycloid dashboard. It will display all your connected workers and their status:


# Troubleshooting

If your worker is not running correctly, you can follow the Troubleshooting section.