Use the InfraView tab to create a visual diagram of a specific infrastructure.

This diagram is generated by reading the Terraform state files (tfstate) .tfstate file to get the state of an infrastructure.

This view will be enriched over time, as new information such as: compute instance attributes, IP addresses, etc. is added.

# Requirements

  • To use Terraform between versions 0.11 and 0.15.3
  • Use one of the cloud providers: AWS, FlexibleEngine, OpenStack
  • Store the Terraform State in one of the supported backends: AWS/S3 Compatible, SWIFT, GCP

# Changing the environment

In order to view a diagram for another environment, just click on the environment you wish to switch to.


  • Currently selected: DEV
  • About to be selected: STAGING

# Interacting with the diagram

# Zoom

You can use the Zoom slider to increase or decrease the size of the elements on the diagram.

# Fit to canvas

When you click the "fit to canvas" button, next to the Zoom slider, it will try to fit all of the elements of your diagram into view.

# Panning

You are able to drag anywhere on the canvas (dotted background), in order to move around the diagram.

# Close right panel

You may either use the X in the right panel, top right, or you can simply double click any empty area on the diagram, in order to close the right panel.

# Interacting with elements

# Double click

Doubling clicking an element, both selects it (shows selection tools) and opens the details in the right panel.

# Single click

You are able to single click an element to select it, and show its selection tools.

By clicking on the ⚙ icon, you will open the right panel to view details of that element.

# Right panel

Once the right panel has been opened you will see the following information:

  • Image
  • Name
  • Type
  • Short description
  • Link to Terraform docs
  • Tags
  • All properties on the element

# Header Actions

  1. Opens the corresponding Terraform documentation page for the element.
  2. Centres the element on the diagram.
  3. Closes the right panel.

# Properties

# Copying values

You are able to copy any value of any property, just click the one you want to copy, et voilà!
You will know the property value that will be copied, as indicated by the copy icon on the right, when you hover over any property field.

# Filtering

You are also able to filter the properties by supplying a search query in the search box.
The search filters by property names only, not values.

To show all properties again, click the X or just delete what is in the search box.


Searching for all property keys that contain connection

# No configuration

When any environment has not yet been configured to use tfstate, no diagram will be shown. In its place will be an Add configuration button that will start the process for you to add a configuration for that environment.

# Errors

You will be shown errors and a blank diagram if you have configured the tfstate for an environment, but there were problems loading it.


# Previous version

If you're looking for the old view (which will be removed once InfraView has been fully rolled out), just click on Use previous version in the top right-hand corner of the tab.

If you want to go back to the current version, then simply click Use the new version.