# Introduction

Terracost is a feature that enables the cost estimation of any Terraform-defined infrastructure. This allows organizations to keep track of any impact that a change to infrastructure could have on finances. It is an open-source project that can be audited, contributed to, and quickly integrated with any pipeline that uses Terraform.

# Cost estimation

# Locally

Using the Cycloid CLI is the easiest way to get started. The costs of any valid Terraform plan can be estimated using the terracost estimate subcommand:

$ terraform plan -out=./plan; terraform show -json ./plan > plan.json
$ cy terracost estimate --plan-path plan.json

71.71     	53.24      	3 

# In the Cycloid pipeline

In the context of the pipeline, you can use the Cycloid Concourse Resource that can be easily plugged right after a terraform plan step and just before a notification mechanism.

# Example of output


# Provider support

At the moment, Terracost only supports a limited number of AWS resources. This is changing quickly as we're adding support for more resources and providers. Please see the detailed list of supported resources for more information.

# Frequently Asked Questions

# Can I use Terracost with a tfstate or a directory of IaC files?

No. Currently, only Terraform plan files in JSON format are supported.

# There is no provider/resource that I need.

We're constantly adding support for more resources, as well as providers besides AWS. Terracost is an open-source project so consider contributing to it.

# Can I use TerraCost output in an InfraPolicy?

No, but this option is coming soon.