# Introduction

The environments tab will provide insight about a couple of elements of your project:

  1. Which config repository has been used? (Config Repository)
  2. Is auto start/stop enabled? (Environments)
  3. What you have installed? (Deployed Stack)
  4. Which version is it running? (Technologies)

On this section you'll be able not only to have a summary of what has been setup, but also to configure the automatic start and stop time for one or all of your environments.


# Config Repository

If there is a config repository linked to the project its details will be visible on the top of the environments section. There you will be able to see details like: config repository name, branch and git url. By clicking on the config repository name you will be lead to the config repository details page, whilst clicking the URL you will be redirected to the git repository itself.

Config Repository

# Start and stop environments

To enable automatic start and stop of an environment, click on the 'Configure Start/Stop' button for the selected environment as shown in the above introduction.

Through the 'Configure Start/Stop' you can either configure the start & stop timings - with frequency and preferred times - or insert directly a cron format, by clicking on the 'Cron' tab. Create start stop

Once the configuration seems valid to you, click on save. This operation results in creating a specific pipeline set up with the designed schedule; you can also access it on the pipeline tab, whether to see its status or manually trigger it:

Configured start stop

# Deployed Stack

The deployed stack box shows the stack that has been installed from the Catalog Repositories - whether it is a public or private one. It provides very basic information on the name, the function, the author, etc.

Service catalog

# Technologies

This is a simple gathering of what the stack has defined inside. It has been written with certain versions of softwares (OS, services, AWS services, etc), and tries to sum-up all the interesting one there.