# Configuration

In Cycloid we tend to use as much as possible git to store Infrastructure as code, automation, and configuration into Git.

If you are in a brand new organization follow the following steps to create a Config repositories in your organization. A Config repositories is the combination of a credential and the Url of a Git repository in which store your configuration files.

# Create credentials

Cycloid Credentials manager uses the opensource engine Vault technology (opens new window) to store secrets that you need.

Centrally stores, accesses, and distributes secrets like API keys, AWS IAM/STS credentials, X.509 certificates, SSH credentials, and more.

Why ?

The two reasons to use it are:

  • You want to use a Cycloid feature which require external access. Example: Pricing feature on AWS require AWS IAM access key.
  • You want to securely provide sensitive information to a stack. Example: Database password or SSH key to access to a private git repository.

Create a SSH credential

A Cycloid organization require at least one Config repository (a Git repository) configured. To do so, we have to create access credentials to be able to clone an push into a Git repository.

Click on Credentials in the left menu menu_creds then select the type SSH and create the credential


# Config repositories

Creating or updating the config repository from inside the app is overall an easy task.

For first, navigate to the config repository list page, then click on the Add config repository button to access the config repository creation form:

Add Private Config Repository button

From here, you'll need to add five information:

  • A name for your config repository
  • The git URL in ssh format of your config repository (i.e. git@github.com:demonstration/my-config-repository.git)
  • A previously created credential
    • The branch of your choice which will be used to store all the configurations
  • Having a config repository as default means having it pre-selected by default during project creation.

Create a Config Repository


The specified Git repository has to be accessible by Cycloid's API and potentially by Cycloid workers if you want to use it inside a pipeline.

To update a config repository you can go the config repository list page and click on the one you want to edit.

# Create a Worker

As introduced in immerse section, a Cycloid pipeline require to create a worker to execute it. Before going to the next section please follow the worker deployment documentation.