# Create a config branch in your git repository

The purpose and usage of it will be explained later in this guide.

For now we will just initialize an empty git branch named config to be able to create a Config repository

git checkout --orphan config
git rm -rf .
touch .gitignore
git add .gitignore
git commit -m "Init config branch"
git push origin config
git checkout stacks

Then, you also need to configure a new private config repository, following the Config repository documentation. We will proceed creating a config repository named step-by-step-cr using the same docs-step-by-step-stack Git repository.

Private config repository

# Create a project with a private catalog

previously, we created a stack in a dedicated stacks branch of a private git repository. Now we will see how to define it on Cycloid console to create a project from it in your organization.

Start to configure a new private catalog repository following the Catalog repository documentation. In our case we will create a catalog named step-by-step using docs-step-by-step-stack Git repository.

Private catalog repository

After you configured the private service catalog, let's create a new project called Snowy with test environment. Go on Cycloid's dashboard and click on Projects / Create a new project.

Your new private stack should be available in the stack list looking for stack-sample keyword:


Click on it and the wizard should display the pipeline and the variables to use from the variables.sample.yml file.

Create project

Configure those variables with your own values, than move on to the last step of the wizard and select from the drodpown the config repository you want your config variables to be stored.

Click on the Run button when finished.

Select the config repository

Congrats ! You created a project using your own stack. In the next steps we will go little bit further to improve this pipeline by adding jobs.