# Frequently Asked Questions

# Can I still use my project without forms?

Yes, if you made a typo or didn't create the right file, you will still be able to use the console as before.

# Can I name my file differently?

No, we have defined only two names for this file: .forms.yml and .forms.yaml. Anything not matching those names will be ignored.

# Can I edit my project via the forms?

Yes! You can edit it through the environment tab, see more in the project's page..

# Is there a way to validate this file before storing it?

Yes, you can access it via the console (Stacks > Tools > Stackforms editor). On top of validating the file, it also allows you to play with the interface to build a file suiting your needs.

# What if I provide extra variables or use-cases?

They will have their definitions validated and will be displayed via the interface but be ignored upon file generation. We advise against providing anything unnecessary, as it would be confusing for users.

# What are the 'new' variables displayed while editing?

Those variables are shown as 'new' because they have been added to the forms file after the project creation. Therefore if you edit it, they will show up as 'new'.