# Restrictions & known limitations


We are actively working on improving/solving these aspects, please read with care.

  1. File comments from samples are lost upon generation. We are aware of this limitation and are working towards fixing it.

  2. At the moment, you can only use modules within Terraform sample files. If you use other types of elements (depends_on, provider, resources, etc), these will be discarded or trigger an error. Except if you set them in another dedicated sample file.

  3. Support only one level of Terraform modules, so inner modules are not only unadvised by Terraform but also not supported

  4. Due to the complexity of integrating the credentials, the credential widget works with best the pipeline but not with Terraform/Ansible.

  5. Forms are now running with Terraform version 0.12.8, so make sure that the syntax you use is compatible with this one.