Logs are directly fetched from AWS Cloudwatch, a filter is applied on log groups to display only the relevant ones based on the project and environment names of your stack. The search format applied by our solution is as follows: $PROJECT_$ENV, any other log groups will not be fetched.

If you have multiple environments, all environments will be displayed on the left hand side of the page, and each of them will contain all the streams that you have configured for such log group. Unlike log groups there are no filters applied on streams.

By default no log group nor streams are created for you; this is up to you to create those and feed them with the logs from your systems/jobs/application/etc. For example at Cycloid, we are using Ansible Fluentd role as it helps the installation and the formatting of logs for Cloudwatch.

To ease the search/reading of your logs, you can highlight keywords, change the time range, or apply filtering queries.