The billing gives you an overview of the cost per projects and per environment over a fixed period of time.

The default time range is the last 30 days excluding today; due to AWS API restrictions, there is no way to include the current day. Therefore if you did some modifications on one specific day, wait the day after to observe changes.

To gather such information our software relies on the AWS API and the tagging of your resources (Key project & env), so please make sure that you have tagged every component properly, otherwise you might observe unexpected behaviour.

If you use our public stacks, those are tags that we already include by default to ensure that a smooth integration, but if you create your own stack, please take that into consideration.

Finally to sum up requirements to use billing with AWS cloud provider:

  1. Enable AWS cost explorer access to your IAM account used in Cycloid doc
  2. Make sure the IAM used have the right AWS permission to access doc,
  3. Ensure project & env tags have to be configured as AWS cost allocation tags doc
  4. Make sure all your Terraform resources are correctly tagged with project & env tags doc
  5. Your data have more than 24h doc

Otherwise you might not have anything displayed here.


# Troubleshooting

The two most common issue when the billing information is not displayed could be due to the following reason:

  1. Data usually take 24h to be available. As Cycloid is using AWS billing API, we are limited to the data availability provided by AWS


Cost Explorer refreshes your cost data at least once every 24 hours

  1. As described above Cycloid relies on resource tags to filter billing information. Make sure those tags are defined in AWS Cost allocation tags

note: If your AWS account is part of an organization those tags have to be defined in the parent organization.